The Caley

The Royal Caledonian Horticultural Society, known affectionately as ‘The Caley’, was established in 1809 by a group of seventeen Edinburgh worthies at a meeting held at the Royal College of Physicians. In a regular column for Scotland Grows magazine, members of The Caley will talk about the work of the Society in Scotland with gardening and gardeners.

The Caley is always ready to welcome new members and offers a wide range of benefits to encourage you to join. From workshops and classes to talks and trips there is sure to be something to interest anyone in Scotland with a love of plants and gardening. Find out more about how to join Scotland’s National Horticultural and Gardening Society on their website.

Whilst The Caley cherishes its past, they strive to maintain a modern outlook, helping as a registered Scottish charity, to promote, encourage and support a wide range of horticultural and gardening interests, including a range of educational projects. 

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