Neil M White – Columnist

Neil M White lives in Perthshire with his wife and three children. He has worked in horticulture as a landscape gardener and in a tree nursery. Now a ‘hobby’ gardener, he spends most of his time growing fruit and veg. You can follow what he gets up to on his Twitter and Instagram pages.

Juggling gardening, family life, and a day job, Neil also finds time to write – his latest book on gardening, ‘The Self Provisioner‘, was published in April 2020. 

First up in his regular column for Scotland Grows magazine, he looks at lawn care!

“Lawn care can be a battlefield for the modern gardener. How do you juggle all of your commitments to family, work, socialising, and having an incredible looking lawn? After all, no self-respecting gardener is going to live in a house with a second rate lawn – that would just be madness!”


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