A Million Bulbs

Glasgow City Council has unveiled an ambitious initiative to sow one million flower bulbs, enriching nature’s habitat within the city.

An array of blooms will grace more than two miles of Glasgow’s bustling Great Western Road next spring as planting gets underway this autumn on the central reservation, stretching over 3.3 kilometres from Duntreath Avenue in Drumchapel to Anniesland Cross, with vibrant blossoms adorning the roadside in spring and summer.

Bulbs will be planted in central reservations

In the following year, Glasgow City Council intend to sow approximately 10,000 square metres of wildflower seeds along this same stretch of road.

Enhance Habitat

This remarkable endeavor is a crucial component of the £1.5 million citywide Green Connectors and Wildflower Action Plan. The overarching goal is to enhance nature’s habitat, bringing about an environment teeming with trees, bulbs, wildflowers, and wetland flora.

Glasgow City Council intend to sow 10,000 square metres of wildflower seeds

As part of this initiative, Buchanan Bus Station is also in line to receive its own bulb planting this autumn, and certain areas will see a reduction in grass cutting and the use of weedkiller.

The council plans to implement a ‘managed’ approach to meadow grass in Elder Park, Queens Park, and Kings Park, with grass cutting occurring once or twice a year. This approach is essential for supporting a diverse range of wildlife species in Glasgow, including butterflies, moths, and other vital pollinators, offering them food and shelter. This effort is particularly crucial as 11% of species in Scotland are currently at risk of extinction.

Approximately 60 hectares of untouched grassland, encompassing steep slopes, damp terrain, and tree trunk protection zones, will be left uncut, preserving these unique ecosystems.

Areas such as sports pitches, prominent lawns, picnic spots, recreational areas, and children’s play areas within parks will continue to receive regular grass cutting, up to seven times a year.

Environmental Effort

It is worth noting that a pilot of the Green Connectors project was previously implemented in September 2021 in Greater Pollok and Cardonald. This pilot initiative resulted in the planting of 165 standard trees, along with 6,000 tree and shrub saplings, and the establishment of two kilometres of hedges, contributing significantly to the city’s environmental sustainability efforts.

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