Stan Green, Growforth Ltd.

Welcome to the Scotland Grows Show, the podcast which celebrates everything that is good in Scottish gardening, as we join gardeners around the country to find out what grows well where they are, and pick up tips and stories along the way.

Stan Green is Managing Director of Growforth Ltd., the wholesale nursery he established in 1990 which serves the horticultural trade throughout Scotland and the north of England, with a strong focus on environmental sustainability.

Stan has had a long and illustrious career in Scottish horticulture, starting behind the scenes at Beechgrove Garden; serving as President and Chairman of the Horticulture Trades Association UK Board, and awarded the Scottish Horticultural Silver Medal for contributions to Horticulture.

Stan has always been active in the horticultural industry, working with both the UK and Scottish governments, school and higher education bodies, charities and NGOs. He is currently involved in representing horticulture as Chairman of the HTA Scotland Policy Development Group, working with Scottish ministers to develop the ‘Scottish Environmental Horticulture Growth Strategy’ which you can read about in the June issue, issue 18, of Scotland Grows magazine.

Stan supports charities like Trellis, Scotland’s network for therapeutic gardening, and alongside Sir Andrew Cubie and Jim McColl, of Beechgrove Garden, Stan established a charity, Scotland’s Garden Trust, to create a National Garden for Scotland, which created the Calyx concept that evolved into a national Care Home initiative.


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