Make a Succulent Sphere

Ready to get creative and make a different type of hanging basket this year?

For this project, you will need two wire hanging baskets of the same size, with shaped coir liners. Any size will work, from 10-16 inches in diameter but do keep in mind, the bigger the sphere, the heavier it will be for hanging once filled with soil and plants, so think in advance about where it will be placed.

What To Do

Fill both hanging baskets with peat-free soil and add in some grit to increase drainage. Pack the soil tightly, so it completely fills the space – leaving pockets of air makes the coir liner sag eventually as it softens.

Place a board on top of one basket, turn it upside down and place it on top of the other one. Carefully pull the board out from between the hanging baskets so the soil stays in place.

Wire the two hanging baskets together securely around their rims.

Make small slits in the liner and insert small, succulent cuttings into the sphere. If the plants are very small, they can be held in place with floral pins until they root. Plant different kinds of succulents for a mosaic appearance.

Mist the baskets for a week or two until they have rooted well, and over the next few months they will grow happily until the wire baskets become covered completely by the succulents.

Displaying Your Succulent Sphere

Hanging the sphere requires an extremely strong wire or chain, as well as a sturdy hook, and a safe place to hang it.

As it gets very heavy when wet, the basket could also be displayed in a large planter or pot so it looks like topiary. Do fill the container though with rocks or pebbles to weigh it down and provide stability to balance the sphere on top.

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