Cultivate your Future

Horticulture is a Profession, Not Just a Job

The Colegrave Seabrook Foundation has launched its podcast ‘Cultivate Your Future’ as part of their strategy to change some of the perceptions of horticulture as a profession. The podcast is aimed primarily towards those outside the industry who may be considering their future and wanting to cultivate a rewarding career.

An easy listen for people of all ages, from young students starting out from school education to the growing band of career changers who are looking for something more fulfilling than their first career has turned out to be. It is equally applicable to career advisors, teachers, and parents. The series of podcasts is being recorded with people who have an interesting career path in the industry that will inspire and inform others as to the variety and diversity of potential opportunities. 

The first release features Michael Perry, Mr Plant Geek, who discusses social media in horticulture with host and horticultural industry expert, Neville Stein. 

Next up in the series is Sarah Want, Team Manager with recruitment specialist MorePeople, talking with Neville about the many branches and opportunities for advancement of your career in the horticultural industry.

The charity’s Patron, Alan Titchmarsh, spoke of the tremendous and varied career opportunities available to young people coming into our industry and how we need people to follow us into the industry. Many businesses and organisations are doing a variety of bits towards highlighting the opportunities for careers in horticulture, but this is all very disparate and not easy to understand or navigate for someone who is not in the industry.  

Foundation Trustee Neil Gow said, The Colegrave Seabrook Foundation is working towards drawing the most useful of this information together, into a hub with some simple support to help people find their way into a horticultural career. The launch of the podcast is our first step towards this. Assistance with work placements, internships, industry knowledge, and contacts is set to become an increasingly important aspect of what we do, along with educating people about the avenues that are open to them to build a career in horticulture.”  

A proportion of the funds we raise comes from the support we enjoy from plant breeders and growers, along with suppliers of other products and services to the industry. The Foundation is reliant on individuals and companies within the horticultural and garden retail sectors for the funding it channels towards students by way of scholarships and bursaries. We are always keen to engage with companies to find ways that work for everybody, so please do get in touch.”

The Foundation’s Chair of Trustees, Jeff Colegrave commented, “We continue our ambitious and successful fundraising drive and this is now bearing fruit, allowing us to grow the support we can give to students and the industry. This spring, we are in a position to award more scholarships, and of a greater value, than ever before. This is in addition to the new work we are doing to encourage horticulture as a career choice. Our work is only possible thanks to the support we receive from all those organisations who support what we do. It’s not just about making a contribution, it’s about making a difference.”

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