The 20 Most Satisfying Garden Tasks

Are you literally counting down the days until you can get out and into the garden or allotment again, or do you keep gardening through the shorter days of winter?

Small gardening tasks in winter make a big difference to our mood and sense of wellness, forcing us outside to move and capture some of daylight. Almost seven in ten people would recommend gardening as a great way to switch off a recent study suggests, with 46% believing that if they did not do any gardening at all, their mental health would struggle.

In a survey conducted by Miracle-Gro via OnePoll, planting out, watering plants, and mowing the lawn are considered to be the most satisfying gardening jobs of the 1,645 survey participants. As we are right on the cusp of spring, and ready to benefit from increased daylight hours, think about which jobs in the garden bring you most joy.

Deadheading roses, growing and picking homegrown produce, and seeing birds feed in the garden all made the list of outdoor jobs that make us feel content. More than seven in ten though said gardening tasks, like mowing the lawn or weeding, are satisfying and frustrating in equal measure.

Whichever tasks get you outside and into the garden or allotment, rest assured that you are supporting your physical and mental wellbeing, and doing good for yourself and the planet, so don’t forget to pause for a minute, and admire your good work.

The Top 20 Most Satisfying Gardening Tasks*

1. Planting bulbs and plants

2. Watering all your plants

3. Mowing the lawn

4. Weeding

5. Pruning around the garden

6. Seeing birds use your feeders/birdbaths

7. Deadheading flowers

8. Finally getting out the last weed

9. Growing and picking homegrown produce

10. Repotting plants

11. Sowing seeds

12. Feeding your plants

13. Deadheading roses

14. Raking up fallen leaves

15. Putting fresh seeds in a bird feeder

16. Jet washing the patio

17. Painting a fence

18. Trimming a hedge perfectly

19. Sweeping your patio/decking

20. Filling up the birdbath with fresh water

* survey conducted by Miracle-Gro

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