Chive Flower Flavoured Butter

This is an easy and great flavoured butter to lighten up your toast in the morning or on a charcuterie board to share with your love ones in the garden. 

You Will Need:

200 gr of slightly salted butter
A handful of chive flowers
Cling film
2 pieces of string 

How to Make It:

Leave butter at room temperature so it will be easy to mould.

Pick out a handful of chive flowers. Peel off all the flower petals from each of them. Mix them well together with the butter in a bowl. 

Spread the mix on top of the cling film (make sure it’s double layered in case of leaking/ bursting) and that there is no room for air inside the flavoured butter. Tie both ends using a little string. Please see pictures on how to fold them. 

Once you are done, place it into the fridge. Let it settle for around 2-4 hours until butter is firm. 

Dina Watt grew up in Bandung, West-Java, Indonesia and now happily married and living in Aberdeenshire, she is known as The Indonesian Cook. In her regular column, Dina shares her own adventurous recipes for delicious home cooked meals that are easy to make, mostly using the homegrown, seasonal, fresh fruits and vegetables from her own Scottish garden. 

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