Lockdown Living

Never before have those of us with a garden been so appreciative of it than during Lockdown 2020. Many of us faced with extra time on our hands used it to get creative in the garden and here are some of the results!

“During lockdown we built a series of structures in our small back garden. Most of the wood we found within 100 metres of our home, using our daily exercise out to find and collect large, dead, fallen branches or we cut thin suckers from the base of overgrown trees.”

“We built a raised bed on the garden shed roof which has been great for growing loads of onions and some radishes.”

“We built a pumpkin trellis teepee for growing vertically and a small box bed that has lettuces for cutting and cucumbers in the other half, with an attached ladder for vertical growing.”

“We definitely upskilled a bit and it was freeing to be able to solve problems using nature’s resources around us.”
Alison Buck – Newington, Edinburgh

“We built a potting shed (putting to good use our old baby changing table), a raised bed, and planted some tatties, carrots, and spring onions. I have always loved gardening and always wanted to plant veg but could never find the time. Lockdown showed us it doesn’t take as much time as we thought!”
Elaine, Simon, Alex (5), and Tom(2) – Gray, Angus 

“I made a few wooden planters from an old fence and pallet during Lockdown 2020.”
Pauline Kelly – Livingston, West Lothian

“We spent almost every day in the garden during lockdown whatever the weather, and have grown lots of veg and flowers from seed for the first time, including sweetcorn and sunflowers. Our 2 year old has been his happiest in the garden and we’ve enjoyed making child-friendly projects with him such as a scarecrow and upcycling his old wellies into pots for his baby plants.”
Mairi Anne Young – Falkirk

“Lockdown coincided with my husband’s 50th birthday and despite having to rearrange his birthday plans, we still managed to have smaller socially distant celebrations in our garden under our new pergola. We put a lot of time and energy into our garden this year, making new flowerbeds, building a new shed, and installing his birthday gift of a hot tub so we could spend even more time outside in the garden!”
Heather Wright – Glasgow

“Myself and my daughter decided to take a crack at making our own garden planters from larch cuttings and planted sunflowers in them.”

“I also made a compost bin to harness the garden waste that wasn’t being collected by the council and my creative daughter decided to create Larch dogs which I think are just lovely!”
Melanie Russel – Glasgow

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