Emma Kelsey – Columnist

Emma Kelsey is the founder of Glasgow PlantMama, a houseplant business that offers houseplants, care tips, and workshops from the West End of Glasgow. In her regular column, she will suggest easy care houseplants for beginners to love and give you a whole host of care tips!

You can follow Glasgow Plantmama on Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube for more helpful houseplant tips and tricks.

“When I first started Glasgow PlantMama, it was actually just a blog that was dedicated to my love of plants and exploration of different botanic gardens. I wanted to make plants more accessible, so my blog soon became a small business. I started selling cuttings and divisions of my plants and the entire thing took off. I now have a website, post houseplants all over the UK, and host a pop-up shop twice a month.

I specialise in easy care houseplants and focus on making them more accessible by offering a virtual Q&A session at 6PM GMT on Friday nights and a Facebook Book Club, where I offer botanical book recommendations and a Q&A discussion board.”

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