Joanne Evans – Columnist

Joanne Evans has been running her garden design business Gerbera Designs and Gardening4Kids (Gardening School) from Aberdeenshire since 2012. She is passionate about teaching children about the joys of gardening and where their food comes from. She is a qualified Forest School leader and can often be found in the local woods teaching children about the natural environment around them. 

In her regular column, Joanne will be giving you some simple seasonal activities which you can do outdoors with your children. Follow Joanne at Gardening4Kids (Gardening School) on Facebook and Instagram.

“The idea for Gardening4Kids (Gardening School) grew whilst I retrained as a garden designer and also started my own family. The aim of Gardening4Kids is to encourage children’s interest in gardening early on and give them invaluable basic life skills and an understanding of the world around them. Through gardening, they learn where their food comes from and develop a healthy attitude to eating fruit and vegetables.”


  1. I was 1st introduced to Joeanne when my 2 children attended her Gardening4kids class which is a brilliant and worth every penny class. I couldn’t find another class like it in Aberdeen so was delighted that Joeanne held a class. Since then she has become a friend and has inspired me to take over the school garden which was only bare ground but is now a place of colour and fun for the children to use.

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